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Professional Process Services


Our expert process services are delivered on the principle of efficiency. We specialize and thrive in challenging jobs. For over 20 years we have served the needs of the nation with integrity, dependability, and promptness. You should be able to trust your legal support specialist to handle any issues they are tasked with completing. Evolution Process Service is happy to help you accomplish your services through to judgment. We always work hard to accomplish our goals as quickly as possible so you don’t have any delays in your legal process.

Evolution Process Service provides the following professional process services

Service of Process

Evolution Process Service provides quality and professional service of process in the entire nation. We are skilled in the service of process and have over 20 years experience serving legal documents. We offer flat rate pricing on all types of legal documents. With our fees, you know exactly what every service costs before you forward the documents.
Process Service

Become a Server

Here at Evolution Process Service, we offer complete in-house training for those who want to become a Process Server. Our requirements include Smartphone, any reliable vehicle, and drivers license (there is a lot of driving in this job), flexible schedule, computer literate, computer and printer and good personal background. Good grammar and writing skill is a plus!

Why do you need to have a subpoena served? As part of the legal process, the person must be notified that they are required to testify. As a party to the case, you and your family members are prohibited from serving the papers, so you can turn to a process server to deliver the subpoena.

To protect tenant due process rights, evictions must be followed to the letter of the law. Failure to do so can result in cases being delayed, dismissed, or may incur landlord liabilities. EPS works with multiple firms and individuals requesting service of process for eviction proceedings. The highly skilled and trained process servers within our network will diligently attempt each address to provide the client with accurate and detailed information in status reports and on affidavits/proofs of service.

In all states, the spouse asking for a divorce must file a divorce petition (or complaint) with the local court and complete “service of process,” by making sure the responding spouse receives copies of the divorce paperwork. Providing your spouse notice of the divorce is essential: if you don’t serve your spouse, the court can’t issue any orders and can ultimately dismiss your case.

Loss mitigation refers to the steps mortgage servicers take to work with a mortgage borrower to avoid foreclosure. Loss mitigation options may include deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, forbearance, repayment plan, short sale, or a loan modification.

Evolution Process Service rapidly and reliably delivers loss mitigation documents directly to homeowners providing every client detailed information on every attempt.

Skip-tracing services involve using a variety of information resources to locate people who don’t want to be found, or to find people who have a stake or a role in a legal proceeding such as a lawsuit or an estate settlement.

EPS will run a skip trace upon request for clients that are trying to obtain an address for an individual to be served for a minimal fee.

If an address is obtained that the client would like to attempt, the skip trace fee is waived and only a service fee would apply.

Our professional process servers and field inspectors provide residential assessments to verify if a property is vacant.
  • Occupancy Information provided
  • Current owner address
  • Property photographs
  • Residence condition, including an outer physical inspection
  • Occupancy verification

Evolution Process Server provides document retrieval services to ease the burden of retrieving legal and other important documents. Our team of research specialists has a deep understanding of the processes and procedures required to retrieve documents from Secretaries Of State, County Assessor’s Offices, and courthouses at every level of government.

Our expertise allows us to complete your requests efficiently and in a timely manner. Once we retrieve the documents, we can send them directly to your office via email, fax, or mail. Trust Evolution Process Server to handle your document retrieval needs with accuracy and professionalism.

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