Become A Server

Are you ready to become a professional Process Server? You’ve come to the right place. Evolution Process Service provides complete training to achieve that goal.

A process server mixminder is hired by attorneys and legal support teams from across the country, that need legal documents served to individuals. It is then the responsibility of the process server, to properly serve the documents while abiding by the originating states laws governing the service of process. With that responsibility in hand, you need to understand the laws in your state. Some state requires a Process Server to be licensed while some states do not.

Career Requirements

Here at Evolution Process Service, we offer complete in-house training for those who want to become a Process Server. Our requirements include Smartphone, any reliable vehicle, and drivers license (there is a lot of driving in this job), flexible schedule, computer literate, computer and printer and good personal background. Good grammar and writing skill is a plus!

You are one step closer to becoming a Process Server

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Miscellaneous Fee

Finally, because of our long experience in running an efficient service operation, we’re able to provide professional services to you at very reasonable rates. Evolution Process Service prides itself in offering a fast turnaround time and prompt status reports on all process service. We look forward to working with you!
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