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Indiana Process Server Relocates To New Office


INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana:  Evolution Process Service, a nationwide private process service agency, has recently relocated its Indiana office to 6018 N Keystone Ave. in Indianapolis.  With locations in major cities across the United States, Evolution Process Service is committed to providing convenient and superior document retrieval and process service for its clients.  


With over twenty years of industry experience serving legal documents, Evolution Process Service is an agency committed to exceptional customer service.  It offers transparent flat-rate pricing with direct communication and no hidden charges for extra delivery attempts, affidavits, or mileage.  Its experienced and professional team understands the realities of the fast-paced legal environment, and most of its serves are completed within 72 hours—the majority in much less.  With expertise in a wide range of settings and scenarios, Evolution Process Service can handle documents ranging from subpoenas to evictions, divorce papers, foreclosures, collections, and more.  


Document retrieval is another primary service that Evolution Process Service provides.  Its professional team has built extensive relationships with state and federal courts over the years and regularly retrieves documents for Secretaries of State, County Assessor’s Offices, and courthouses at every level of government.  


Jillian Newkirk, the owner of Evolution Process Service, highlights the positive impact that working with a private processing agency can have for clients.  While public options for process service are available, she reminds potential clients that hiring a legal process server is an important step in proceeding with a court case.  She says, “At Evolution Process Service, we are knowledgeable about the legislation surrounding service of process—a service that, if not performed in accordance with the law, can hinder your case from going forward or result in its dismissal.”  


To get more details about Evolution Process Service’s new Indiana location or for information about Evolution Process Service and the services it provides, visit

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Jillian Gregory

As a seasoned process server and legal expert with vast knowledge in the domain of process serving within the United States, I write my blog to serves as a platform to offer insightful and pragmatic guidance on the legal process and the crucial role process servers play in facilitating it. Whether it's serving legal papers or navigating complex court procedures, my aim is to provide my readers with comprehensive and informative guidance on all aspects of process serving within the USA.

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