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Expert Interview with Jillian Gregory, Founder of Evolution Process Service

Jillian Gregory

Q. Can you tell us about your experience in providing process serving services specifically within the United States?
A. I began this company in 2013 and started serving in all 92 counties in Indiana. In a matter of 2 years I managed to develop a network of process servers not only in Indiana, but in most of the United States. Currently we have approximately 25 process servers in Indiana and hundreds throughout the the U.S.

Q. How long have you been offering process serving services?
A. I personally began process serving in 2013 and became an LLC in 2014.

Q. Could you elaborate on the various states or regions in the USA where your process serving services are available?
A. We serve in all 50 states. However, there are some states that are a little more challenging to effectuate service.  We have trained professionals  in every state that follow specific state guidelines to ensure successful service.

Q. What unique challenges or requirements do you encounter when providing process serving services in different states or regions?
A. We have to follow the civil process rules for the state in which the case was filed in. Our seasoned professionals are well-versed with the laws and regulations in their own states as well as other state cases. Our company always sends a full instruction sheet to reference when sending out a job to one of our professional process servers. 

Q. In your opinion, what are the key factors that contribute to successful process serving operations in the USA?
A. Accuracy, communication, and speed. We pride ourselves on having exceptional customer service and always keep the client updated with current information regarding their cases. Fast and accurate service is why Evolution Process Service is successful.  

Q. How do you ensure that your process serving services comply with the laws and regulations of each state where you operate in the USA?
A. We have resources and guides that give us the most current information on other states’ civil process laws. We also have many process servers in each state that will relay any new state information that has changed. We are pride ourselves on staying educated on different state laws im civil process procedures.

Q. Are there any specific strategies or approaches that you employ to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of process serving?
A. Yes. We strive to do all our attempts in a timely fashion and make our attempts at different times of day. We also go the extra mile by talking to neighbors, employers, or current residents to help our company obtain successful service upon the intended individual. 

Q. What measures do you take to ensure that your process servers are well-trained and knowledgeable about the specific requirements and regulations in each state they operate in?
A. Evolution Process has a large network of reliable and trained professional process servers that stay current with local civil process laws. Our administration also does due diligence in learning the most current law on civil process in different states.  

Q. Can you provide insights into any technological advancements or tools you utilize to streamline and improve your process serving services?
A. Evolution Process Service utilizes an industry platform that is able to provide GPS locations, organize all active and non-active jobs, and allows real time updates from our process servers in the field. We also have an interactive website that allows clients to submit their court documents via our website that will automatically upload in our system. This enables faster service with little room for error on instructions by the client. 

Q. How do you approach maintaining strong relationships with clients who require process serving services across multiple states?
A. We offer volume discounts to clients that have jobs that need to be served throughout the U.S. Because of our technology and focus on customer service, EPS has built a trust with our clients because of our attention to detail, flat rate pricing, and exceptional turnaround times.

Q. Finally, what advice or recommendations would you give to individuals or businesses seeking reliable and efficient process serving services specifically within the USA?
A. Choose Evolution Process Service! When looking for a process server be sure to ask for a turnaround time, number of attempts, if the company will provide the affidavit of service (we will complete the affidavit of service upon completion), and are there hidden costs? Communication with your process serving company is vital so the process goes seamless and the client feels peace of mind that they have hired a company that can get the job done right the first time.  

Q. Can you share some success stories or notable cases where your process serving services made a significant impact?
Absolutely, one instance that stands out is best encapsulated in the glowing testimonial from one of our esteemed clients. This client’s experience not only showcases our commitment to excellence in service but also emphasizes the significant impact our diligent process serving can have on their operations. Here is their review:

“Basically, my job is to find new vendors and forward jobs to them in states where we don’t have offices and can’t establish/manage our own group of dedicated servers. I send out thousands of jobs per month. And basically, I just wanted to throw some kudos your direction.

It’s SO rare that I find vendors that are as communicative as you guys are, with great turnaround speeds, and with the attention to detail you guys have shown so far. You’ve caught things I’ve missed, you’ve provided affs for everything so fast (usually same day even), and the diligence notes on your work is so far above what I’ve seen from your competition. You’ve totally made my life easy in the IN market, and I’m very impressed with you guys!

It’s been a long time since I’ve dealt with another vendor who I could say that I have complete faith in handling my work for me so quickly right off the bat. I’ve been dumping batches of 100 serves at a time on your staff and they’ve still been so polite and organized with everything.”

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Jillian Gregory

As a seasoned process server and legal expert with vast knowledge in the domain of process serving within the United States, I write my blog to serves as a platform to offer insightful and pragmatic guidance on the legal process and the crucial role process servers play in facilitating it. Whether it's serving legal papers or navigating complex court procedures, my aim is to provide my readers with comprehensive and informative guidance on all aspects of process serving within the USA.

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