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The history of law

The History of Process Serving

From ancient messengers to modern-day process servers: the evolution of a crucial legal role Process serving is a crucial part of the legal system, but many people are unaware of its history and evolution. Understanding the past helps us better understand the present and anticipate the future, and this is especially true when it comes

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Document served by a process server

What documents can be served by a process server?

Legal documents play a critical role in the legal system, as they serve to inform individuals of their rights, obligations, and legal remedies. Process servers are responsible for delivering these documents to the appropriate parties, ensuring that they are served in a timely and proper manner. These are the various types of legal documents that

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what is a process server

What is a process server? (And their role in the legal system)

A process server is a person who is responsible for delivering legal documents, such as summonses, subpoenas, and court orders, to individuals or businesses. Process servers play a crucial role in the legal system by ensuring that parties involved in a legal case are properly notified of their rights and obligations, and that due process

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Nationwide Process Serving Agency Is In High Demand

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana:  At Evolution Process Service, a national process server agency headquartered in Indianapolis, it has been a record-breaking month.  Across the United States, there has been higher than normal demand for service of process.  While it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly why there has been such a notable uptick in people seeking professional process servers

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