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Reliable Orlando Process Servers​

Evolution Process Service in Orlando, FL is known for our ability to effect service of process, where others have failed.

Are you looking for a professional process server in Orlando, FL, to handle your court case? Evolution Process Service can provide the services you require. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable servers here to make the process run smoothly.

We have dedicated servers in Orlando, FL, allowing us to serve the entire Orlando Metro area. It is important when hiring a process server, to find a company who is familiar with the area. Process servers often work with court officials, public officers, business owners, and individuals when serving papers. Our knowledge of the Orlando area gives us an edge when providing service of process.

In addition to serving subpoenas or summons, we are often asked to serve many other documents. Serving a notice of eviction can often be uncomfortable and difficult, so we encourage you to let us handle it in a professional manner. Although serving an individual may seem easy, there are many legal implications involved with providing proper service of process. When serving a corporation or government department, there are additional potential issues involved with serving the right person. Our process servers maintain knowledge of the laws through education, research, and networking. We will do our best to get documents served.

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How Our Process Works

At Evolution Process Service, we aim to make your experience as seamless and efficient as we can.
If you find yourself wondering how the process works, here’s what you can expect:

Send Us Your Information

You can either submit your documents and contact info to us via email (jobs@weserveus.com) or through our online submission form. We will enter it into our system and send it to a qualified server who will send you status updates.

Pay Your Invoice

We give you the option of paying through our online portal or with a credit / debit card over the phone.​

Recieve Your Affidavit

We will promptly send you a digital copy of your affidavit and mail you the original to file with the courts.

Why are we the best choice for you?

We offer specials for attorneys in Orlando who need service of process regularly!

Why hire a professional Orlando process server?

In the state of Florida, when someone is sued or otherwise required to appear in the court of law, they must be served a summons to court by an unbiased party to the case. Orlando law states that this service can be a sheriff or professional process server. As many lawyers and private individuals in the past have found, hiring a professional process server is often the most efficient, and by far the most successful, way of getting a summons served.

We have spent a great deal of time working closely with attorneys and law firms, and we know how stressful the legal profession can be. Due to statutes of limitation and other legal considerations, accomplishing service of process in the correct manner and as quickly as possible can be incredibly important to your case. We at Evolution Process Service want to help put your mind at ease when it comes to serving documents. We can perform local, statewide, or national service with precision and in accordance with court rules.

We are dedicated to delivering fast, accurate and affordable service of legal process. We have streamlined our process to make this easy on our clients while still delivering the results needed. While we don’t offer legal advice, we can educate clients on the proper way to serve both individuals and businesses in Orlando, FL. Evolution Process Service strives to keep clients up-to-date on the status of their serve.

Evolution Process Services provides excellent service to those residing in Orlando, Florida. If you’re located outside of the Orlando area, we also offer our services across the United States. Our skilled process servers are well-trained in understanding the rules and regulations of local and state courts. You can trust our servers to serve your documents by following all state regulations, so you won’t have to worry about your case getting dismissed or delayed.

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Types of Service We Provide

At Evolution Process Service, we strive to ensure your court case operates as proficiently as possible. We are here to perform the proper court guidelines for document delivery in the following services:

Subpoena Services

Any individual who is required to testify in court must receive an official subpoena. Only professional process servers can serve your papers.

Eviction Notices

To remove a tenant from a property, you must follow due process. Evolution Process Service works with multiple firms to ensure that cases are handled properly to avoid delays and dismissals.

Serving Divorce Papers

In addition to filing a divorce petition with the local court, the “service of process” must also be completed to ensure the responding spouse receives their copies of the paperwork.

Loss Mitigation

To avoid foreclosures, mortgage services and brokers work together in a process known as loss mitigation. Our process servers can deliver loss mitigation documents to homeowners and ensure that all clients have received detailed information on each attempt.

Skip Tracing Services

The process of skip tracing includes using information sources and software to search for individuals who don’t want to be found. If a client requires the address of someone they wish to serve, we can run a skip trace at their request. A minimal fee is included in our skip tracing service, but if the location of the individual is obtained, the fee will be waived and replaced with a service fee.

Occupancy Verification

One of our professional process servers can provide residential assessments to confirm if a specific Orlando, FL property is vacant.

Evolution Process Service is the most dependable and reputable option for the service needs of Orlando, FL. A knowledgeable process server can provide solutions for your latest court case. With over 20 years of experience, our team can assure you that the process will move as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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