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Are you looking for a professional Indiana Process Serving agency? Look no further. Evolution Process Service is here to help. We are a private indiana process service agency, located in located in Indianapolis and servicing Fort Wayne, Evansville, Lafayette, Lawrence, Hammond and all surrounding areas throughout the state of Indiana.. Be assured, if Evolution Process Service gets your business, your jobs will be handled in a timely manner with the utmost professionalism.

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Service of Process

Evolution Process Service provides quality and professional service of process in the entire state of Indiana. We are skilled in the service of process and have over 20 years experience serving legal documents. We offer flat rate pricing on all types of legal documents. With our fees, you know exactly what every service costs before you forward documents.
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Become a Server

Here at Evolution Process Service, we offer complete in-house training for those who want to become a Indianapolis Process Server. Our requirements include a Smartphone, a reliable vehicle and a driver's license, flexible schedule, and a computer and printer. Good grammar and writing skills are a plus!

WE OFFERNationwide Service!

Covering All 50 States!

Why Choose Us

Evolution Process Service is an Indiana based Process Serving Company. Evolution Process Service is consistently striving for excellence by improving the processes that we use in our everyday business. It is our goal to give each and every client the personal attention, professional service, and exceptional quality they have come to expect. We understand the needs of our clients, whether it is indiana process service, notary service, or retrieval of documents which is why we employ the most professional and experienced employees.

The documents that we serve include but are not limited to: subpoenas, evictions, divorce papers, foreclosures, and collections just to name a few. Our client list includes high-profile attorneys, financial corporations, and insurance companies. We can provide references upon request. No assignment is too small or too large for our company to handle.

Importance of Hiring Indiana Process Servers

Hiring a legal Indianapolis Process Server is an important step in proceeding with a court case. Many people decide to bypass private indianapolis process service and send documents to the local sheriff for service. Although using a sheriff's office for service can be less expensive and requires less research than finding a private indiana process service, it is not necessarily as effective. As a leading professional indiana process service company, we are knowledgeable of the legislation surrounding service of process. There are several requirements and constraints associated with serving legal documents. If the service is not performed in accordance with the law, this can hinder your case from going forward or result in the dismissal of your case.


Here at Evolution Process Service, we believe in empowering all of our clients with a clear understanding of the civil rules and laws related to our services.

Service of Process

We are extremely knowledgeable of the locations, hours, and protocol for Indiana’s courts.


The solution we offer makes good time-management sense and will free-up your staff to do other more cost-effective tasks.

Client Feedback

We have used many process service companies in the past and Evolution was BY FAR the BEST and most professional out of all the companies we have ever used. Fair, prompt and professional…the most important facets of any business. Very Impressed and Satisfied Customer!!
Evolution Process Service did exactly what they said they would do and with a smile. I would recommend to anyone who needs service. Thumbs up!
James Webster
I own a Detective Agency and Process Service Company in Miami, Florida. I was trying to locate and serve a individual in Indiana and had hire two other Process Service Companies which did not meet my objective and were unprofessional. The third company, Evolution Process Service LLC; got the job done within days and far…
Manny Silva

Save More Time and Money!

Hiring professional Indianapolis process servers is an important step in proceeding with a court case. As a leading professional process server in Indiana, we are knowledgeable of the legislation surrounding service of process throughout the state. There are several requirements associated with serving legal documents in Indiana. If the service is not performed in accordance with the law, this can hinder your case from going forward or result in the dismissal of your case.

It is important to know that hiring a Professional Indianapolis Process Server is an important step in proceeding with a court case. Indiana Process servers have the skills and background to serve your legal papers in a timely and affordable manner and, more importantly, serve them in accordance with the local and state process serving laws.

There are several terms and constraints associated with the rules of service of process. In some states, you cannot serve on Sundays or holidays. Some places do not allow papers to be served on a person traveling to court. It is also very important to note that papers cannot be served by someone who is involved in the case or legal proceeding. If a serve is not done in accordance with these laws, this can delay your case from going forward or result in the dismissal of your case. Improper Service also delays obtainment of evidence, which can cause injunctions, court fees, and attorney’s fees. If you are serious about your case, you want the serve papers to be served properly. Paying Indiana process servers a nominal fee can save your case.

Our standard for indianapolis process service is above the rest and our servers conduct themselves with the highest level of professionalism and reliability. Our management team personally trains every new server, regardless of their level of experience, in the methodology and standards that Evolution Process Service requires.

Evolution Process Service guarantees all its servers’ reliability through a thorough background check, a stringent interview process, and they must sign a contract certifying that they will abide by our standards of ethics.

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